Active ingredients: A variety of different drugs are available today for the treatment of lung diseases – and new ones are constantly being added ... read more (in German)

Oxygen therapy: Long-term oxygen therapy means the permanent administration of oxygen for at least 16 hours a day. more (in German)


Stepped therapy for asthma patients: In order to best treat asthma in each individual patient with the available medications, experts have developed graduated treatment plans for children and adolescents as well as for  adults more (in German)

Transplantation: Lung transplantation, i.e. the replacement of a single or both lungs with a donor organ, is still a relatively new treatment option more (in German)

Individualized therapy methods: The term "individualized therapy" is to somewhat misleading. This is because one of the basic rules of medicine is to ensure optimal treatment for each patient …read more (in German)

Cell-based methods: Cell-based methods is a collective term for therapeutic approaches in which "new" cells are introduced into the patient's body in order to treat a disease more (in German)

Alternative methods: Many patients with respiratory and lung diseases wish to treat their disease with alternative, non-conventional medical treatments. more (in German)

Leben mit Krankheit: Patienten, bei denen eine chronische Lungenerkrankung diagnostiziert wird, müssen sich nicht nur mit Diagnose und Therapiemaßnahmen auseinandersetzen. Vielmehr ist es für die Betroffenen notwendig ...weiter

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