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Lung diseases are among the most frequent causes of death worldwide. So far, there are only a few therapeutic approaches. Research in Germany is only beginning to make advances in this area.

The launch of the German Center for Lung Research (DZL) on April 15, 2011 enabled the pooling of German expertise in the field of pneumological research and clinical practice. The aim of the DZL is to find answers to open questions in lung disease research and thus make a significant contribution to improving prevention, diagnosis and therapy.

Biobanks systematically collect and store human sample material. Today they are regarded as one of the great hopes of health research in the 21st century. more (in German)

Epigenetics: Some people are more susceptible to diseases than others. Both their personal genetic make-up environmental influences seem to  play a role. Epigenetics is trying to clarify the interrelationships that more (in German)

Drug Research: Researchers around the world are seeking to attain a better understanding of lung diseases. How are active substances actually developed to combat diseases? You can find out more about this in the research field Drug Research. more (in German)

Nanoparticle Research: Nanoparticles are used more and more in science and medicine. Due to their size, however, they can penetrate the body. This makes nanoparticle research with regard to distribution and effects on the environment and health all the more important. more (in German)

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Repair, remodeling and regeneration are central fields of research in modern lung research. Scientists are working hard to decode the underlying processes and, based on this, to develop new therapies for previously incurable lung diseases. more (in German)

Individual research approaches are also explained for the respective clinical pictures. Here you will find an overview of disease-related research approaches in lung research.

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