Numerous studies have shown that the immune system is weakened by toxic substances in the environment, by radioactive radiation, nicotine, alcohol and other drugs, by persistent stress, lack of sleep and exercise or a one-sided diet. Conversely, the avoidance of such damaging factors, such as smoking cessation, a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition, sufficient sleep and regular exercise contributes to the overall strengthening of the immune system. In some viral and bacterial diseases it is also possible to protect oneself preventively with vaccinations.

Tobacco cessation: Smoking is unhealthy - almost every tobacco user is aware of this. Over 90 detectable harmful substances in cigarette smoke weaken the immune system more (in German)

Immunotherapy: Allergy sufferers can prevent bronchial asthma with a special treatment: Specific immunotherapy (SIT), also known as hypo- or desensitization, reduces the risk of getting asthma more (in German)

Vaccination: The immune system protects us against external threats: bacteria, viruses and parasites are detected very effectively and rendered harmless. The body's own defense system is often powerless against threats from more (in German)

Exercise: Physical activity prevents diseases by, among other things, strengthening the immune system. Especially people with a predisposition or a chronic lung disease can improve their condition with exercise more (in German)

Allergy prevention: Many studies indicate that exposure to tobacco smoke, a room climate that promotes mold growth and air pollutants indoors and outdoors increase the risk of allergies more (in German)

Radon protection: After smoking, indoor radon is the second most common risk factor for lung cancer. Many of the cases could be avoided with simple precautionary more (in German) 

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