Breathing: Breathing is one of the most vital processes in the human body. The lungs pump oxygen-containing air into the body and out again ...read more (in German) 

Preliminary examinations: At the beginning of each diagnosis with the general practitioner or pulmonologist, a thorough medical history of the patient should obtained through an in-depth interview about his/her disease ... read more (in German)

Electrocardiogram: The electrical activity of the heart is measured with an ECG and recorded in the form of waves. For example, an ECG can provide evidence of pulmonary hypertension ...read more (in German)



6-minute walk test: An easy-to-perform and quite meaningful test is the so-called six-minute walk test. Over a period of six minutes, the patient walks as quickly as possible on a flat surface, e.g. a hallway ... read more (in German)

Lung function test: The lung function test is a basic diagnostic method in pneumology. The doctor uses it to examine the condition of a patient's respiratory tract and to determine the lung volume and capacity ...read more (in German)

Exhaled breath analysis: In an exhalate analysis, the doctor or chemist examines the air that a person exhales according to various biochemical parameters. This exhaled breath consists largely of water vapor and metabolites dissolved in it... read more (in German)

Blood gas analysis: Blood gas analysis (BGA) is a standard clinical diagnostic procedure. It is used to measure the gas distribution (the so-called partial pressure) of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), the acid-base balance and the pH value in the blood ... read more (in German)

Imaging methods: X-rays of the chest or CT scans are important diagnostic methods used to acquire images from within the body. They are part of the standard examinations for lung diseases ...read more (in German)

Endoscopic procedures: Lung endoscopy, as the procedure is sometimes called, is the most important diagnostic measure in cases of suspected lung cancer ...read more (in German)

Cytology: The term cytology stands for the observation and characterization of cells with the microscope. In pulmonary diagnostics, cytology is primarily used to search for pathological changes in cells ...read more (in German)

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